Thursday, February 26, 2004

This journal is going to be very informal. I'm terrible at expressing my thoughts, so don't expect to be impressed. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm just another depressed teenager. So if you decide to ask me about something I wrote a day ago, chances are I probably don't even care


Tonight was supposed to see John Kerry, but that fell through because the building was already filled up when we got there. I guess I didn't really care though since I had just woken up from a three hour nap, and didn't really have time to process any disappointment. I'm pretty sure I subconscicously I cause problems around the house by being either too passive or too assertive. Tonight it was both. I sulked infront of my Mom, and Dad. Everyone was yelling or pouting infront of each other. Then my Mom thought I was trying to hit her or something, when I really just didn't want her touching me, so I shoo-ed her. My Dad doesn't want to send us to Madison anymore because it would be too much money, considering we're going to New York three weeks later, or something like that. It'd be a lot easier if my Mom had a job. It's funny because when she did work I think I saw her more then, then I do now. These days she's busy volunteering. I think the only positive thing I can point my finger on for today, was the half day - and I spent that time sleeping.

It's weird, now everyone's either asleep or laughing.

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